Clarity of Point, Saying Not All Men Are Rapists is Not Rape Apology

Some people took umbrage to the approved Doc Carnage message that it’s ridiculous to preach “Teach men not to rape” because men aren’t rapists, even though most rapists are men.  I’ve gotten a few messages in response to this, which I won’t bother to individually acknowledge because they were literally, “But rapists ARE men”.  Yes.  Yes most rapists are men.  No one said otherwise, but A implies B doesn’t mean B implies A.  That’s basic fucking logic.

Second we have to define rape.  This literally could be the whole article, so I’m going to make this as short as is practically possible.   If we define it as “unwanted sex” there are problems.  According to the Journal of Sex Research, more than 46% of men have had sex they didn’t want to have.  I don’t think we’re going to call that rape.  To do so belittles victims of legitimate rape.

The problem is we’ve watered down the word.  If you want to blame anything for rape apology, blame that.  If you want to get published in medicine discover a new disease.  If you want to get published in cosmology discover a new planet.  If you want to get published in gender studies discover a new kind of rape.  I’m not exaggerating either.  The statistic 1 in 4 women are raped originally comes from a study done by Mz. Magazine where one of their operational definitions of rape was if during a make out session the man moved his hand to the pants and the woman didn’t want that.  It finally hit critical mass with gray rape.  That’s where the woman isn’t sure if she was raped or not, but the man is still guilty for not knowing.  That’s how far it had to get before some of the hard line feminists were like, OK, well that is, in fact, stupid.

Because of this we have to define what rape is in greater detail.  “When someone has sex they don’t want to have through some kind of force, to include blackmail, or a situation where the victim is for all intents and purposes unconscious  is going to be our definition.  Right now that’s what the word rape means.

Now down to the meat of the issue.  “Teach men not to rape” means that it is in the nature of men to rape, and we have to chase educate the devil patriarchy out of them with prayer teaching and baptism  feminism!


Maybe you’ve heard this one before.  The Catholics call it original sin.  It’s just as illogical as that.  Now there are two more words I want to define before we move on that are just as abused as rape.  Those words are antisocial and psychopathic.  Antisocial doesn’t mean someone who is shy at parties.  I don’t know how that one came to be other than just possibly out of sheer ignorance.  Currently it is the “pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood”, but that will probably change in a couple weeks when DSMV comes out.

Clearly this sounds more like the type of person who rapes than “someone with testes”.  There can be little argument about that.

While antisocial behavior disorder is a disorder unto itself, it’s too broad for me to tackle.  Let’s instead focus on psychopaths.  People have ideas in their head about what a psychopath is or isn’t, mostly based on TV movies about serial killers.  While serial killers are interesting as bad guys, they aren’t representative of psychopaths in general.  The new DSM will hopefully better cover this subtype of Antisocial Personality Disorder, but for now there is no definition to cut and paste into here.  Here are the big bullet points that make it different than just ASPD:

1) Lack of empathy.
2) Glib charm
3) Sexual misconduct, inappropriate seductiveness, promiscuity
4) Manipulativeness
5) Impulsiveness
6) Irresponsibility and failure to consider repercussions of action and inaction
7) Low threshold for boredom and high novelty seeking behavior
8) Egocentric behavior or attitudes

I’ll be the first to admit that’s not a comprehensive list.  I’m just an ex army Doc and, not some headshrinker.  I just read a book every once in a while instead of just gawking at the TV.  I’d make a good bartender, but a lousy therapist.

Back to the point at hand think about that list.  Think of all those things, especially number 1, and how they would relate as a subset of  ” a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood”.

Now there are other personality disorders that are similar, and really psychopathy is weakly defined as of right now, but just follow me on this.

To end rape, we don’t have to teach men not to rape, we need to teach men not to have criminal antisocial personality disorders.  That doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?  Anyone with normal human empathy and respect for the rights of others won’t rape. To say men are rapists because rapists are men, is to say that the state of being a man is a form of antisocial  personality disorder, which is clearly sexism in levels not seen since the turn of the 18th century when they used to say women were mentally inferior because of brain volume.  Claiming men are born to be rapists, which is a clear lack of regard for the rights of others and a failure to empathise with the pain of others, is normalizing rape, and therefore rape culture.

As I have previously stated the idea that “all the cool kids are doing it” makes the behavior more likely.  In fact on college campuses they are educating students that their peers aren’t binge drinking as much as believed and it lowers binge drinking rates.  It’s reasonable to believe that the correlation might run the opposite way and that raising the belief of prevalence of the behavior may in fact raise the behavior.

Stop calling all men possible rapists, and stop skewing statistics and definitions to make all women rape victims.

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2 Responses to Clarity of Point, Saying Not All Men Are Rapists is Not Rape Apology

  1. OK I’m a man. I was raised by my mother and sister. No one taught me not to rape. I was born with it. I love woman and have risked my life and ruined a perfectly good date to stop a raping across the street. Saying original sin is like rape would be as easy as all woman want to cut our dicks off like that chick did in the 90’s. You can’t generalize anything. Men, woman, blacks or white. There are good, bad and ugly out there but we have to treat everyone with a clean slate. But it is mens blood to rape? Come on you can’t really believe that.

    • Unfortunately they do. The idea has been around for a while. It’s a resistance to the idea of lessons to keep women safe from rape, like don’t go to a party where you don’t know anyone and then do shots until you get unconscious drunk and piss yourself on the carpet, or don’t let people you don’t know in your house. It’s the same idea as when you teach children not to get in white panel vans with “Free candy” signs on them.

      Feminists said HOW ABOUT YOU TEACH MEN NOT TO RAPE! the whole thing was pretty low key until the Steubenville case. What horrified so many people was that so many boys stood by while the unconscious girl dragged her to another party, peed on her, and went through an escalation of acts until they ended up raping her in another room. No one stopped it. The idea is then, men are all responsible, nevermind the fact that it was actually her best friend that ditched her because she was drinking too much and wouldn’t stop. As the story goes she drank so much she was unconscious to the point where they couldn’t shake her awake and she urinated on the carpet. That’s when the attack began.

      Now here is the false equivalency some people want you to believe, either you think that she deserved it, or you think that all men are rapists waiting for an opportunity because they don’t know any better.

      No matter how much you teach these boys they still already knew it was wrong. If you look back to the symptoms though,

      1) lack of empathy
      3) Sexual misconduct
      5) Impulsiveness
      6) Irresponsibility and failure to consider repercussions of action and inaction
      7) Low threshold for boredom and high novelty seeking behavior

      It wasn’t that they didn’t know what they were doing was wrong, they didn’t care and they weren’t thinking about the victim or the consequences. It’s not a “rape culture” it’s two psychos and a bunch of dumb idiots who knew it was wrong but were scared to go against them and be ostracized as a rat.

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