Feminist Dictionary (work in progress)

Ableism:  The idea that there is a normal baseline for being able and that anyone who falls below this is “disabled” and “not as good”.  The biggest offenders are parking lots who allow “disabled” people to park up front.

Adrogyne/Androgynous/Androgyny:  A person who isn’t a gender because they say they aren’t a gender.

Agent: A word for an oppressor that sounds way cooler than oppressor.

Ageism: The prejudiced belief that people age over time

Ally: A word to remind men that they can’t really be feminists because they’re not women.  Feminists work for equality and only women can be feminists because reasons.

Anti‐Semitism: When any non POC hates Jewish people.  POC can not be anti semitic because that’s racist and only white people can be racist.  See also, racism

Aromantic:  Someone who has no interest in romance.  Still has a sex drive, just not a desire for romantic love.  Also known as a slut.

Asexual: what people who never took biology call being celibate

Bias: How to claim everyone else is wrong even when they are using objective facts.

Cisgender: Anyone who isn’t the .04% of the population that is transgender.  That way transgendered people have a word they can use when they want to say nasty things about the entire rest of the population of Earth.

Cishits: A nastier way of saying cisgender that implies that all non trans people are made of shit.

Classism:  The word someone uses when they want to simultaneously talk about elitism and sound like an asshole

Color Blind:  The worst kind of racism where someone’s color is completely disregarded.  Notorious race traitor Marty King II said this about it, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Cultural Appropriation: When white people do anything anyone else does.  Like watching anime, using chopsticks, eating Mexican food or wearing afrocentric hairstyles.  It is not however, when any other people use computers, read Shakespeare, or drive cars.

Demiplatonic: Someone who doesn’t befriend people they don’t like.  Also known as “normal” and “not a psychopath”

Demisexual: Someone who only has sex with people they really like.  Basically it’s a fancy way to call everyone else a whore, while at the same time having a unique special snowflake sexuality that isn’t “straight” except, it totally is.

Dialogue: Where the person with the most oppression points lectures to everyone and if anyone disagrees they are a shitlord

Discrimination:  The reason why anything happens.  This includes things that appear to be acts of the laws of nature, such as gravity.

Feelings: Literally the most important thing in the world.  Has more merit than facts or logic.

First Nations People:  It means Native American, but is only used by people who are less than 1/16th Native American to describe themselves when they are claiming to be Native American.

Gaslighting:  A reference to a silver screen movie where a man attempts to make a woman think she is crazy by adjusting the valves in the gas lights.  Used by mentally ill women to deflect attacks on arguments that seem “odd” in the way mentally ill people reason.

Genderfluid: When you get to be male or female, depending on what better suits the current argument

Hate Crime: Being rude to someone with more oppression points than you

Headmates:  People who so badly want to be interesting, they invent imaginary friends in their heads.  It’s like DID except without the controversy in the medical community if it’s real or a coping mechanism.  Everyone agrees it’s just a lie for attention.

Heterosexism: The belief that heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals by a wide enough margin that heterosexual is the default sexuality

Mansplaining: A thing to accuse any man of when they have the audacity to try to use “facts” or “logic” to try to counteract a woman’s baseless assertions based on feelings.

Misandry: It’s supposed to mean the hatred of men and boys, but it doesn’t because that’s not a real thing.

Otherkin:  When you were a kid did you ever pretend you were really a T-Rex, a kitty, or a doggy?  Well they never stopped.  Seriously they’re still pretending they are a raccoon trapped in a man’s body as an adult.  May identify as _____kin specifically in their name to denote what animal they think they are.

Pansexual:  Will fuck anything.

People of Color:  1/16th Cherokee pale faces,  Asians, anyone but whitey.  Fuck whitey.  Oh also Jews.  No Jews allowed.

PIV: Penis in Vagina sex.  Somehow it’s always rape.  I lack the energy to even make a joke here, but they’re dead serious.  http://witchwind.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/piv-is-always-rape-ok/

Polyamory:  Fancy name for swinger

PoMoSexual.  Post modern.  A label for sexuality that indicates the user thinks labeling sexuality is stupid.

Racism: Discrimination (which again is everything) plus power.  So basically anything a white person does, says or thinks, but nothing a POC does or says ever.

Rape culture: The idea that people rape because of a secret media conspiracy to say that rape is OK.  It ranges from the somewhat legitimate criticism of tricking a woman into sex in Revenge of the Nerds as a comedic premise to the ridiculous premise that anyone gets their moral compass about consensual sex from a 30 year old movie called “Revenge of the Nerds”

Self Diagnosed:  Someone who heard of a disorder once, claims to have it, even though most of the time they have the symptoms really wrong.  The two most common ones are ADHD and Asperger’s.  The ones who claim to have ADHD will put forward behaviors that are completely impossible for someone with ADHD like divided attention multitasking.

SJW: Social Justice Warrior.  A person who believes with all their heart and soul that white men are a plague destroying the world and they can only be defeated by constant vigilance of pop culture tropes, reblogging on tumblr, and hashtag campaigns on twitter.

TERF:  Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminist.  Someone who not only believes men can’t be feminists, but neither can transgendered women.  See Also transmidandry

Tone Policing: Pointing out that someone with more oppression points is behaving quite poorly

Transmisnadry: the view that women who want to be female to male are gender traitors and are a privileged class because they are male

Truscum:  The people who have the audacity to say that sexual dysphoria is a disease that can be treated.  Among these presumably would be doctors who perform sexual reassignment surgery.

Womanism: Black women starting their own word because they got tired of rich white women appropriating their issues and claiming they are global problems faced by women.

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