I Have Apparently Been Raped Multiple Times. Thanks for Enlightening Me!

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6 Responses to I Have Apparently Been Raped Multiple Times. Thanks for Enlightening Me!

  1. Dave says:

    These SJWs annoy me as much as anyone but In this they are purely stating the law and what I think is a truth, one sober person having sex with another drunk person could be though of as nonconsentual im certain circumstances. Obviously this is not always the truth otherwise the justice system would be flooded with rape charges but this one isn’t so ridiculous, but that’s just my opinion.

    • clintiskeen says:

      Is it theft if I accept a gift from someone who is drunk and later on they regret giving it away? What if someone who gambles while drinking later regrets betting poorly? Casinos are built on that.

      The issue is that the individual is responsible for their own actions, not everyone in the world but the individual.

      Sex that was consensual but later regretted due to societal pressures of some sort is not rape, and to call it such belittles actual victims.

      • Dave says:

        I didn’t say it was rape I just said that it could be thought of as unconsentual. I agree that calling it rape belittles rape victims but I’m simply saying that being intoxicated can make you do things you may not actually want to do. It’s not just confined to sex, you could fight or anything that as you said you would regret later. Whilst you and only you are responsible for your actions I would make the argument that you aren’t in full control of your choices. Much like a teenager can be irrational and impulsive its their fault they did what ever they did but at the same time who’s to say they’re in the position to much these decisions?

      • clintiskeen says:

        That’s true, but that’s a crime against one’s own self, not a crime perpetrated by an outside force.

        That’s why we charge the drunk driver with a crime and not the tree they ran into.

  2. Dave says:

    Thank you for wording it like that, It seems we were thinking roughly the same thing. Also thank you for not being a snot nosed cry baby like aforementioned SJWs when met with opposing arguments (I’m using my big boy words), Regards.

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