The People Looking at Jennifer Lawrences’ Nudes Online Aren’t Victimizing Her, Feminist Blogs Are

Around the internet you’ll see things like this everywhere.  



 Source obscured because fuck those bottom feeders

Source obscured because fuck those bottom feeder “Feminist” blogs don’t give a fuck about her, they don’t give a fuck about the “cause” and they don’t give a fuck about anything except eyeballs.  

That might seem like a pretty big statement, that feminist blogs don’t care about feminism, so let’s break this down.

Anyone who writes about something about which they didn’t bother to learn, doesn’t really care about that subject, they just care about getting it out there first, so that dismisses any “what if they didn’t know” criticisms that would surely follow.

1) Running to press with Jennifer Lawrence breasts leaked onto internet as a headline ensures that you are letting ANYONE who sees the article, sees it shared or hears anyone talking about it, know in no uncertain terms they can google her nudes.  There is no way to dispute that.

2) EVERY  …   SINGLE   …. STORY about this says how we should feel about Jennifer Lawrence Nude (I’m going to write that 10 more times for my own search relevance).  Jennifer Lawrence’s breasts, Jennifer Lawrence Naked, etc.

I understand it’s hard to talk about a moral stance without talking about the most recent person it happened to.  It’s clearly impossible to discuss whether the church thinks gay people will get into heaven without discussing what that Duck guy had to say about it.  Oh wait.  That’s not even close to true.  That’s so amazingly untrue that it’s what’s called a red herring, something that distracts from the actual point one is trying to make.  Still though they had to mention her because it’s the news and she’s the one it happened to, right?  That brings up the next point:

3) It was actually a whole honeycomb of nude pics.  Tens of celebrities had their nudes posted from iCloud.  All of the headlines however say HER NAME. Why?  Because they don’t care about her rights, her body, leaked pictures or anything else.  They care about clicks.  Your outraged click, becomes an outraged share, which invites curious clicks, many of whom were excited by the words together “JENNIFER LAWRENCE NUDES” (how many is that?).  It wasn’t just Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes though, it was many many others, including not one but two underage girls.  That’s the story.  “Two unnamed underage starlets among recent celebrity nude dump” That’s what a headline should look like.  Look at a reputable source the Washington Post.  They wouldn’t put Jennifer Lawrence Nude in their headline to boost clicks they have integrity.  They would make an unbiased headline like this.


   See?  No mention of any particular celebrity, talking about the tech involved.   That's journalism.   Scrolling  scrolling  OH, MOTHERFUCKER

See? No mention of any particular celebrity, talking about the tech involved.
That’s journalism.


4) Saying it’s just JENNIFER LAWRENCE’S NUDES not only victimizes her again by making her a commodity, it also belittles the other victims as being somehow less important.  As if she’s the only one having her rights violated (and with all the feminist tabloid blogs latching onto it, she’s at least going to have a lead in views) 

Again they don’t care about the issue they just care about getting in the linkbait headline, “Jennifer Lawrence Nudes” and it doesn’t hurt that the keywords are trending.

5) Of course they have to call it something, and of course they don’t want to call it what reddit is calling it

Incidentally Safeway returned all reddit's penis rubbing money because they didn't want it mixing with their men's butts money, because Safeway is homophobic

Incidentally Safeway returned all reddit’s penis rubbing money because they didn’t want it mixing with their men’s butts money, because Safeway is homophobic


But you don’t have to name it after one of the victims.  You can call it the “Celebrity Nude iPhone Cloud Storage Leak” which to me sounds just as functional as linkbait, but without singling someone out.  I’m cynical enough to recognize the obvious click whoring, but not cynical enough to go along with the people who say it’s good for her career.  Yeah it probably is, but no one is thinking OH SHIT, TO THE INTERNET!! I MUST WRITE A BLOG POST TO HELP JENNIFER LAWRENCE’S CAREER.  Everyone is saying me.. me me me me mememe me.  

6) Enough with the god damned masturbation shaming already.   Yes we get it.  Some guys will masturbate.  More are looking out of curiosity.  Just remember, if you looked before you wrote your article, you did the SAME thing you are saying is disgusting.  I looked.  I looked just because I didn’t know who Jennifer Lawrence was, and still didn’t afterwards because I didn’t recognize her face.  A star of a youth fiction movie isn’t going to register to me.  I had to check her wikipedia.  

That draws to the real root of this, feminists LOVE the Hunger Games for all the wrong reasons.  They imagine it’s a story about a strong female protagonist.  The thing is it isn’t.  She makes all the heroic poses, but … well that’s another story.  Tune in next time for “The Hunger Games is the Most Sexist Movie in Recent History” 

I’m going to play you out on a series of images I collected a long time ago when someone said that Jezebel had a point about the “breast size map” that some blogger made.  Because you know, men are never ever ever ever objectified.  It’s not just a thing bloggers do for cheap hits, ever.  

6Faxp3p AI4LedM aOAaPZ5 AZWbObQ b9j7lkF c00bQQM DfTbTV8 DPv388b HSKYrUL KMTBa9e leud9Ub lIBhmpM mBFCK39 NnbocZg RXOJFgT S7QeyyI ToBMP2Q Ut2W4AA vcz8dmW ZFA4Vmh ZTe1lwi 3Y5Ri2T 5PoZPPD 6anQkKj

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